An evaluation essay is perhaps one of the more popular paper writing assignments a student will be required to write. The purpose of this type of essay paper will be to examine a subject or literary work and determine what you think and feel about the topic according to specific criteria. As the writer you will have to take a stance on your topic, make your case, and argue your point. Credible and reliable research will be paramount in supporting your case for your evaluation essay.

Writing an Evaluation Essay

Unlike other types of college papers, evaluation essays will not only state information it will also present the students’ opinion on the topic they chose. It might even be a comparison of two similar subjects resulting in your determination of which one is superior or better. These types of essays, whether they are a critical evaluation essay or a self evaluation essay, always begin with the facts and conclude with the student’s judgment of those facts. An important factor to remember in writing your evaluation essay is that it must always be written in an objective tone, because after all, the intent of this type of paper assignment will be to present your opinion, not necessarily to change the mind of your reader.

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